E&K ball bearings are suitable for use under operating conditions for which standard chrome steel bearing are not sufficient. A wide range of suitable bearings for use in special environments such as under vacuum conditions, in clean rooms, in environments with corrosive substances, dust, dirt or water, at high temperatures or for applications with non-magnetic materials. These rolling bearings will satisfy your highest quality and performance standards, even under difficult operating conditions. Modern materials, lubricants and surface treatment technologies for special operating conditions are used for the stainless steel bearings.

Material components

Bearing rings:

Martensitic steels
1.4034, 1.4108, 1.4125

Martensitic steels are magnetic and can be tempered by appropriate heat treatments as well as hardened and annealed. These steels are used for the production of mechanically highly stressed bearings where increased resistance to moisture or corrosive and harsh conditions are required.

Austenitic steels
1.4401, 1.4571, 1.4404

Due to the low carbon content, austenitic stainless steel bearings have high corrosion resistance and are non-magnetic (residual magnetism of?) This material cannot be tempered by heat treatment, which is why austenitic stainless steel bearings can also only be only be operated under low loads and speeds. Others on request.

Bearing cages:

The cage keeps the rollers separated from each other at the same distance to avoid mutual contact of the rolling body. Material properties such as a low coefficient of friction, high specific strength and low weight are beneficial here. The good lubricating properties of engineering plastics (e.g. PA6.6GF) and high-temperature plastics (e.g. PTFE) reduce friction loss and thereby reduces the wear on the bearings.



Bearing greases are available for every application, for example. chemical resistance, work stability, FDA greases, high temperature greases up to +260° C, etc.