Hybrid bearings

Hybrid bearings are an important and economical alternative to conventional bearings. With steel rings and ceramic balls, this is preferably used as an alternative in cases in which: steel bearing the technical requirements are no longer sufficient, ceramic bearings are not economically.

Exemplary applications for hybrid bearings

  • Aerospace
  • mechanical engineering
  • Turbopumps (high rotation speed, hermetically sealed)
  • Chemical Industry (chemically aggressive media)
  • Metalworking Industry (high operating temperatures)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Semiconductor and Biotechnology (Clean-room condition that must not be contaminated by lubricants)

In summary

  • Extremely smooth running characteristics by very low friction
  • Low maintenance or even maintenance free (inadequate or media lubrication and even dry running possible)
  • Lower wear due ceramic insert, with a correspondingly extended useful life
  • Up to 60% lighter weight, high hardness, high stiffness
  • High chemical resistance (especially corrosion resistance, but also insensible to moistness)
  • No interaction with magnetic fields, because there is not magnetically (ceramic)
  • High temperature resistance