Extreme bearings

E&K specializes in the development, design and production of special ball and roller bearings adapted to customer requirements which are superior to standard bearings under extreme conditions.

Extreme conditions can be: aggressive media, high or low temperatures, media lubrication, dry lubrication, high-vacuum operation, high speeds, lower friction for high acceleration, underwater use, electrical breakdown strength, etc.
Take advantage of E&K's experience to solve your standard bearing problems.


Rings made of 1.4108
Self-lubricating bearings for
Vacuum application and
+350° C temperature range

Machinery and plant technology is constantly evolving. The requirements and operating conditions are becoming more challenging. Standard bearings were sufficient years ago, but now special application-specific solutions are required.
With E&K, you have found the right partner for your particular ball or roller bearing problem.

We have been developing and manufacturing special bearings for clients of various industries at home and abroad for many years. These bearings are designed to meet special requirements and are individually produced in small quantities.


Media pump
AR made of highly-corrosive stainless steel
IR made of silicon nitride
Silicone nitride balls